Airport Development

The Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport is currently undergoing renovations and development projects. There are 14 current and potential development sites chosen to expand the airport. Click on the PDF links below for more information about each respective airport development site.


  • T-Hanger Sites
  • Box Hanger Sites
  • Corporate Hanger Sites
  • Future Hanger Development Sites
  • South GA Development Sites
  • Hangar Development Sites – Air Cargo Apron
  • Airport Parking Concession Expansion Development Site
  • Corporate/Aircraft MRO Hangar Site

Aviation Area Development Projects Master Plan (PDF)

Aviation Area Development Projects Area Map (PDF)


The Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport has various airport development opportunities available including T-Hangar leasing, economic development initiatives and a global industrial park. This global industrial park is known as AeroPark, which currently houses over one million square feet of development area.


T-Hanger Package and Lease Details (PDF)

The Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport is completing Phase 2 of the East Site development project. There is only one newly constructed T-Hangar unit available.

T-Hanger Complex

T-Hanger Complex

T-Hanger Complex
Call us at 330-856-1537 with questions about leasing a hanger.



The area immediately surrounding the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport is home to the AeroPark Industrial Park. AeroPark currently houses over one million square feet of development area, including Fortune 500 companies Delphi Packard and Timken-LaTrobe.

AeroPark is ideally located:

  • Halfway between New York City and Chicago
  • The region is within 500 miles and one-day truck access to approximately 65% of all U.S. manufacturing facilities and 50% of Ontario, Canada’s region manufacturing operations
  • 75 miles from Cleveland, Akron and Pittsburgh, in the heart of the OH-PA industrial metropolis
  • The region boasts over seven million people
  • 11,700 manufacturing plants and 12,900 distribution centers (more than Dallas, Detroit, Houston, Miami, or Philadelphia)



The Western Reserve Port Authority provides a variety of incentives to qualifying businesses that may be interested in an available industrial location. The Western Reserve Port Authority and our public and private partners are committed to developing the most attractive and cost-effective package available for your business.

The Western Reserve Port Authority may provide prospective businesses with the following incentives:

  • Special fixed-rate, long-term, tax-exempt or taxable financing options
  • Special lease and off-balance sheet options
  • Potential of a one-time sales tax exemption on construction or improvements

Since the airport and AeroPark are designated foreign-trade zones, businesses are offered unique benefits like import-export operations that can reduce costs and lead times associated with international sourcing. By locating within a foreign-trade zone, companies can potentially reduce, defer or even eliminate duties. The Western Reserve Port Authority, parent of the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport, administers the foreign-trade zone on behalf of Grantee #181.


For more information on how the Western Reserve Port Authority can assist your company with development endeavors at the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport or AeroPark Industrial Park, please contact:
Sarah Lown, Economic Development Division, Western Reserve Port Authority