Passenger Growth Translates into Terminal Improvements at YNG

June 28, 2012 Michael Metzinger Michael Metzinger

Over the course of the past six years, the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport (YNG) went from being an airport with no scheduled commercial airline service to an airport that is projected to transport some 75,000 passengers this year. As passenger traffic has increased at YNG, the need to improve our terminal facility has become essential. As you will agree, it is important to provide a clean, passenger friendly facility for all of our passengers that travel from as faraway as Cleveland, Erie, and Pittsburgh to enjoy the convenience of Allegiant Air at YNG.

In November 2011, the Western Reserve Port Authority approved a bond sale that raised approximately $3.7 million in order for the airport to make improvements in and around our terminal.

The following is a list of some (not all) of the improvements paid for by the proceeds of our bond:

  • Improvements to the curb, steel supports, and facade of the terminal. (Complete)
  • Purchase of a newer and larger passenger boarding bridge at Gate 1. (Complete)
  • Purchase of a second passenger boarding bridge at Gate 5 that can handle turboprop aircraft all the way up to Boeing 767 jets. (Complete)
  • Replacement of 140 terminal seats. (Complete)
  • Expansion of the baggage return system in the terminal.
  • Terminal boiler and air-conditioning unit replacements.
  • Repaving and striping the airport terminal parking concession facility. (Complete)

This afternoon, Allegiant Air flight 896 to Myrtle Beach was the first aircraft to use our new passenger boarding bridge at Gate 5. This second passenger boarding bridge allows for even more convenience for our passengers as they will now be protected from Northeast Ohio’s ever-changing weather at two of our six gates. Furthermore, this second passenger boarding bridge gives YNG the opportunity for simultaneous boardings / de-boardings protected from the effects of Mother Nature moving forward.

Having been operating the Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport Facebook page for the past 13 months, I have seen first hand hundreds of our supporters sharing their excitement of our great story with their family and friends. Your continued support for this airport, whether it be with booking your next vacation or by encouraging someone you know to fly YNG, is greatly appreciated and will only help this airport succeed into the future.

Thank You for your continued support of your Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport!

Michael Metzinger
Accounting / Marketing Intern – Youngstown-Warren Regional Airport

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